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Did you even realised about the mess you did????

_What? she said.
Did you kill him? he asked very surprised looking at the totally naked blackness of her skin as dark as the very deep “Jaguar night”*.

_Oh yesssss I did last night. And I swear I haven´t ever ever felt so good, so clean and so high!!!!
He sighed. He looked back. He similed.
Sure he could believe she had done that. They had been intermittently dating for three lives now.
… He started remembering last night, tha party, the sounds.
she was there, so do I

_What the fuck is this story you are writing about???????? He asked a bit upset after knowing she had killed his character in the very first ten lines.
_ I took the job for “Ciudad Primavera” that Multinational, the huge CORPORATION we talked about.
_ DID YOU TAKE THE JOB?????????????????????? THAT IS SO BAD. You are supposed to be an idealist, sinistra part. I don´t understand the reason why you want to work for the biggest Capitalist Industry of the hole world!!!!!!!! You sold your ideas, your mind you heart…
Come on man. It is a job, its money no drama about…

to be continue

*Jaguar night: The most famous party celebrated at Ciudad Primavera in september. It started in the context of Festival de Cosas Buenas 2014. In 2015 there was a record of 2´200.000 people connected through music, culture and art.

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