INNER LOVE LIFE at Ciudad Primavera

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We cannot forget Michael Kunz. Elio is asking me just right now, where Michael is. For some reason this misterious guy landed at our home. I have always been so blessed having the opportunity to host the best people all around the world including, Alí Toscani, Mario Torchio, Georgia Phillips, María José Mejía Echeverría, Mariana Garreazabal, AKA, Ximena Clavelli, Jose Sanín and …. I know I am not naming everyone but the list would be infinite. Any way, The last one was an angel that were travelling around till something strokes him in the lungs so he falled over Ciudad Primavera: The city of the future-today, right now. I know you must be thinking this time this is another of your lies and you are exagerating. Not to say the so plain comment of Angels does not exist and so on…
_ Are you writing the short story for Nestlè?
_yes. -She answered happily. _You have heard of  the hypocrisis concept, right?
_ Don´t be silly. _Are you reading KANT?
She was so ignorant, so do I. But when I met her that was what she was: A Zingara writer de fama mundial.

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