Well known AKA is my friend!!!!!! I am very proud to say that I had the opportunity to meet one of the greatest of the revolution at Medellín (today right now Ciudad Primavera). He has got sweet eyes and when he smiles tells a whole story of the good he has done for the comuna 13 at Medellín. As everyone knows comuna 13 was the most dangerous place on the world (and this is an euphemism). It was thanks to initiatives like AGROARTE, and others from different cultural groups on the area, that art and passion for life won the war to the Mafia cultura that was dominating the zone. Thanks to another options given to children that thought there was only a way to live: with traffic of arms and drugs, they started to see how full of joy, energy and pride they became producing art… Here is my friend AKA in an interview at Rome. Everyone was delighted with his words!!!!!!!


By the way comuna 13 at Ciudad Primavera: the city of the future-today right now, is the coolest neighbourhood of the city. Full of studios of music, illustrations, painters and so on. Closer to the sea and ports (reason why was very loved by illegal traffic of drugs and stuff of war). Fresh air, good water, San Javier Library, Metro station.

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