Ciudad primavera intruder. Is it only in your mind?

I knew him at the putti Frutti last night. He told me you are the most beautiful girl I have ever ever seen and I think I know you from another life! Sure. He was on drugs. So do I. It was difficult not to at that point of the life. Do you remember how the days were? There was no reason to be alive. Despair, no money, no help around. He introduced hin self as the most exciting guy of the world. SO? i laughed. He was not only not that but even worse a bunch of lies. He promised me happiness, a good life. -Come with me. I will make you fly. Try this, try that. Love me more than your self, enjoy life. He became a voice in my mind, the stronger the problems outside, the louder he screamed, you are cool and with me everything is alright. He became my lover, my soul, my best company, me mine. I have decided to kill him. but he discovered me last night. Perhaps I need extrahelp for he is already so inside that I got the idea that killing him would be like killing myself instead. Just one thing my friend. Dont come to Ciudad Primavera: The city of the future-today, righ now. We have unmask an intruder and he will have to die.

ciudad primavera
ciudad primavera

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