5CiudadPrimaveraI was born in a city full of arms and drugs. I had no choice: When I was 13 years old I killed my first guy. At 15 I was the best in the city. Furious and fast. I didn´t even have to have sex with the capos as the others did. I was my own boss, my best company, an industry myself. At 16 I had killed 437 men in total. There was just one that managed to escape. It was a trap. I fell asleep after having 11 orgasms. Right there at neighbourhood Pablo Escobar of what is now Ciudad Primavera The city of the future-today, right now. I was in his arms. When I wake up there was no man, no weapon, no clothes, no house. I will remember his odor for the rest of my life. I stopped killing last night. But if I see you… And I know you are reading me I will pay you back!Captura de pantalla 2015-06-15 a la(s) 01.21.42 PM

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