Ciudad Primavera. CITY WITH NO CARS. Richest Metropolitan city of the world 2015



It was in 2015 as I remember. The new-born city Ciudad Primavera “started”. It was a mess at that time. All the constructions around the old river. You couln´t drink from it before. It was so different when you were so child you could not even ride your own bike. We had arrived to the point of not breathing so afraid of the inhalation of the “black cloud” as it was called the dark stinky smoke above this beautiful valley. I know. For you is difficult to imagine Ciudad Primavera this way. You are used to the fresh air, the mangos from the trees, the water of the Primavera River so pure it cleans you from the soul to the outside. Yes, it was a mess at that time, but it was a master plan. Of  people who dared to think otherwise. They wanted so badly to build where you are living today, right now. A Paradise to walk, to enjoy, to play, to live a delicious life. They made the revolution from the inside. Tired of long days impossible to hold without some drug, or spirit, or some addiction, anything that took us away from the real-heavy life. Captura de pantalla 2015-05-29 a la(s) 12.42.38 PM All the time thinkning about work, money, stress, disseases and the perfectbody of no one… […] The FabLab was a hit. In few days Bike-CluB has invaded the city. There was no place for cars. The air cleaned it self so fast no body had couln´t imagined and all the properties of  Ciudad Primavera, a city where is ALWAYS PRIMAVERA, came up. So people could eat, drink, dress without any effort, take everything from the nature without paying at all. The money had lost its reasonwhy. Some people started to emigrate desperately: The ones missing the rush, the crack in their lungs. Those who had accumulated money through the years leaving no space for anything or someone else, those who were afraid of a change, those resistant to the peace of mind. The ones who undersatood real fortune has arrived, remained in a state of happiness. It was the beginning of a new life. Beer bellies desapeared with the bikes, sex was so much better with all the muscles alive, endorfines made their job, brightness came to the heads instead of the smoky eyes. Everything started with the bikes. It was possible. Ciudad Primavera. The city of the future-today, right now. Richest Metropolitan city with NO CARS.

*Image of: SPAZI DI INDECISIONE: Incontri del Terzo Luogo e 79°meeting di TEH

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