Matteo Renzi is acting for Ciudad Primavera!!!!!

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-27 a la(s) 11.43.56 AM

It was when he watched the video of ATI_Suffix studio about garbage that President Matteo Renzi realised what he wanted for real from the very deep of his heart. To include people by giving them jobs and to became the most popular and successful Prime Minister of the world.
It was not by chance that the today well known multicultural group ATI_Suffix made the video PINK_TRASH-CAN_GO!! Instead was a stroke of luck that it became so famous and world wide known. There were some words that still spinnig around headquarters heads heads…

It was in May 2015 or june first day when Renzi watched it astonished. He was looking for something to catapul his period and at the same time (why not) help a little bit someone (he had heard it brings good luck). And the video came just as that.
_Off course that´s the idea!!!!!
He was indeed afraid of Rome integration, but he knew that was the golden key to an important and meaningfull leader life.
Paura della integrazione…
Was Renzi afraid? NO. But at first the idea was so strange. What for sedentarize a nomada people? Why to make legal someone that wants just live outside of rules, payments and that kind of stuff?
He made the step. So easy so fast!!!!!!!!! Thanks Matteo Renzi, Matteo Locci, ATI_SUFFIX and everyone.
I was living in the garbage but now I am living Ciudad Primavera. The city of the future-today, right now!



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